Why is it important to be in good health before getting pregnant?

Dr. Gregory Siewny talks more about the importance of good health before getting pregnant. Click play to watch the video or read the transcript.

Why is it important to be in good health before getting pregnant?

If they have a high risk condition, medical illness, say they’re under special care or on medicine for a heart condition or diabetes. They need to see their doctor before they even get pregnant. People who are pregnant whether you have a health care condition or a normal pregnancy need to call their doctor as soon as they’re pregnant and let them know. They will get them in the office for a counseling visit and a check list making sure everything is going okay in early pregnancy; is there something different I should be doing?


Good overall health before pregnancy allows potential mothers to avoid some medical concerns that could otherwise arise once she decides to become pregnant, according to Centers for Disease Control and PreventionOff Site Icon. Some providers offer preconception care, a type of medical care that focuses on issues with a woman’s or a man’s health that could affect their chances of having a healthy baby, according to the CDC.

Nutrients such as vitamins and folic acid can support a potential mother’s health and facilitate a healthy pregnancy, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and GynecologistsOff Site Icon . Women who are planning to become pregnant may want to have a preconception checkup to address issues that may compromise or contribute to a healthy pregnancy, according to the ACOG. Talk to your doctor about preconception care.

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