When should I use an urgent care facility?

Dr. Joseph Allen discusses when to use an urgent care facility. Click play to watch the video or read the transcript.

When should I use an urgent care facility?

Urgent Care facilities should be utilized for anything that would be, essentially, just not quite emergent care, but you need care for right that minute. So you feel like you're sick and you're unable to get into your doctor, you get a cut when you're out working in the yard, your kid trips and falls and complains of their elbow hurting. These are all things that you can come into the urgent care for. If you're unsure about something, you don't know, come on in. We'll direct you to the right place if it's not for us.


An urgent care facility is a place you can go to get medical care for issues that aren’t emergencies, but that you are unable to get into your primary care provider to have checked, Premier Physician Network (PPN) physicians say.

Being unable to see your primary care provider could be because it is after office hours or on a weekend. It could also mean your provider doesn’t have any appointments available that day, but your issue isn’t something that can wait for another day when an appointment is open.

Some examples of times you might visit an urgent care could include:

  • You’re sick
  • You cut yourself doing yardwork
  • Your child falls and complains of arm or leg pain

Talk to your doctor for more information about situations in which you might need to use an urgent care facility.

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