What is the subchondroplasty procedure?

Dr. James Klosterman discusses the subchondroplasty procedure. Click play to watch the video or read the transcript.

What is the subchondroplasty procedure?

It's minimally invasive and it doesn't burn a bridge. It's done in an outpatient setting. It's a small incision where we inject a toothpaste-type material into the bone marrow lesion using x-ray guidance, so we can get it right in the spot. It hardens up and over a year or two, becomes your bone. The nice thing about it is, this is an artificial bone grafting material that eventually forms into your bone.


A subchondroplasty procedure might be for you if you have knee pain that is consistent with arthritis, Premier Physician Network (PPN) physicians say.

You must also have an MRI showing a bone marrow lesion.

If you enjoy being active, but have some of these symptoms, talk to your doctor about whether the subchondroplasty procedure might be right for you.

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