What is the Cartiva synthetic cartilage implant, and how does it differ from fusion?

Dr. Barnett discusses the Cartiva synthetic cartilage implant. Click play to watch the video or read the transcript.


The Cartiva synthetic cartilage implant (SCI) is an implant that can replace isolated areas of damaged or lost cartilage, such as those damaged by big toe arthritis, according to the Food and Drug AdministrationOff Site Icon (FDA).

The Cartiva SCI is a new procedure and the implant is made of a hydrogel, which has a similar consistency to real cartilage. This means the Cartiva SCI provides similar shock absorption and durability as natural cartilage, according to Premier Health Specialists’ (PHS) physicians.

Cartiva SCI is different than the traditional fusion treatment for big toe arthritis (known as hallux rigidus). With fusion the toe bones are fused together and motion is lost. With Cartiva SCI, patients keep range of motion, which helps them stay active longer, according to PHS physicians.

To learn more about the Cartiva synthetic cartilage implant, talk with your doctor.

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