What is gallbladder disease?

Dr. Taylor discusses gallbladder disease. Click play to watch the video or read the transcript.


Gallbladder disease is a term used for a variety of conditions that can affect the gallbladder.

Usually, gallbladder disease happens when gallstones block the exit of the gallbladder, according to Premier Health Specialists’ (PHS) physicians.

If the gallbladder is blocked and has trouble draining, over time, the bile that sits inside will cause the gallbladder to swell, become inflamed, and cause pain, according to PHS physicians.

A person also can have gallbladder disease without gallstones, according to PHS physicians. This occurs when the gallbladder doesn’t empty at least about 35 percent when a meal is being digested.

For more information about gallbladder disease, talk with your doctor.

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