What are things a person should keep in mind when looking for a primary care provider?

Dr. Joseph Leithold discuesses what a person should keep in mind when looking for a primary care provider. Watch the video or read the transcript.


When you are looking to choose a new primary care provider (PCP), it’s important to keep in mind both your individual needs and wants.

The National Institutes of HealthOff Site Icon (NIH) suggests keeping the following things in mind when choosing a PCP:

  • Are you looking for a PCP who is more formal or warm and friendly?
  • Are you welcomed to be part of your care, with the PCP seeing your care as a partnership?
  • Do the office hours work with your schedule?
  • Do you like the office staff? Are they helpful and friendly?
  • Do you prefer a conservative or aggressive approach to treatment?
  • Do you want a PCP focused on disease treatment or wellness and prevention?
  • Does the PCP use email?
  • Does your insurance company cover this PCP?
  • How often does this PCP refer to specialists?
  • Is the office staff good about returning calls?
  • Is the PCP easy to reach?
  • What are current patients’ opinions of the PCP?
  • Will the PCP order a lot of tests?

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