What are some risk factors for infertility?

A common risk factor in female fertility is age, according to the Centers for Disease Control and PreventionOff Site Icon. About 20 percent of women in the United States are waiting until age 35 or older to have children, increasing their chances of infertility and miscarriage, according to the CDC. Age increases a woman’s chance of infertility because:

  • Ovaries become less able to release eggs
  • Fewer eggs are left
  • Eggs are not as healthy
  • With age, women are more likely to have health problems that can cause fertility issues
  • With age, women become more likely to have miscarriages

According to the American Academy of Family PhysiciansOff Site Icon risk factors for men and women include:

  • Smoking
  • Excessive alcohol use
  • Drug abuse
  • Extreme weight gain or loss
  • Obesity
  • Excessive physical or emotional stress

Ask your doctor if you think you may be at risk of infertility. Learn more:

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