How can someone know about potential side effects from taking prescription medications?

There are a few steps you can take to learn the possible side effects a prescription medication can cause, according to the Food and Drug AdministrationOff Site Icon (FDA).

The first step would be to talk to your doctor when he or she first prescribes the medication. Ask if there are any common side effects of the drug that you should know. Also, ask if there are any possible reactions or side effects that could occur because of taking a new prescription medication along with other current medications you take.

Reading the label or insert provided with the medication is another helpful way to learn about possible side effects from prescription medications, according to the FDA. Your doctor or pharmacist should be able to answer any questions you have after reading the information.

Also, you can visit the FDA’s Index to Drug-Specific InformationOff Site Icon, which provides detailed information about side effects and more on many FDA-approved drugs.

Talk to your doctor for more resources about how to know the potential side effects prescription drugs could have.

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