How can caregivers and physicians partner together for more successful health care for an aging parent or loved one?

Caregivers and physicians are both vital parts of the health care team of aging parents and loved ones.

By working together, caregivers and physicians can make sure the senior is getting the best possible care.

Helpful Tips for the Physician-Caregiver Team

A few helpful tips to make this partnership between caregiver and physician successful include the following:

  • Come prepared for doctor’s visits - Make a list of the three or four most important things you want to talk about with the doctor.
  • Inform the office – Tell the physician’s office who will accompany the older adult to the visit.
  • Ask for a consultation - If more than two children of an older parent plan to accompany the patient to a visit to discuss the parent’s living situation and health options, let the office know you need a consultation. This will let the physician know you will need time to talk rather than simply reviewing the patient’s physical condition.
  • Keep records - Keep good records of current medications, surgeries and specialists they see. If possible, try to keep track of how often the older adult sees the specialist and what issues the specialist takes care of.

The caregiver is important to providing necessary information and filling in any missing pieces of the puzzle physicians need to take care of the older adult.

If you are a caregiver, talk with physicians on your care team about what you can do to help build a good partnership between yourself and them.

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