How Premier Health Is Responding

We are currently living and working in an unprecedented time with challenges that would have been unimaginable not long ago. As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to evolve, we want to assure you that the team at Premier Health is working diligently to cover the myriad of components associated with this quickly evolving crisis. 

Many of you have reached out to express your support for our hospital teams and caregivers.  It means so much, and we thank you deeply for your care. 

During these challenging times, we want to keep you updated on how we’re dedicated to protecting you, our staff, and our communities, and to limiting the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Our clinicians are well prepared to accurately screen for risk of COVID-19 and respond immediately to prevent further spread. We are prepared to identify, isolate, and treat any potential patient who seeks care at our facilities. We are in contact with local and state health officials and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and our staff is diligently following the latest guidance from these public health agencies so that patients affected by COVID-19 will be able to get the care they need while protecting the health and safety of our associates.

Prevent the Spread

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we recommend you follow these important guidelines from the CDC.

If You Have COVID-19 Symptoms

If you or a family member have symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath, flu-like symptoms), in order to minimize the risk of exposure to yourself and others, we ask that you please take these steps. Please do not go directly to your doctor’s office, without calling first, since many can isolate at home without being evaluated in person.

Proactive Preparedness

As we begin to see new COVID-19 cases emerge in Southwest Ohio, we have set up a systemwide incident command center to quickly respond to various needs related to COVID-19. Here are some of the other proactive steps we’re taking to be prepared across our system.

Telehealth Options Available

To minimize the risk of exposure to yourself and others, you can see a health care provider from the comfort of your home. Patients of Premier Physician Network primary care providers can request an e-visit in MyChart®. You can see a health care provider 24 hours a day, seven days a week with Premier Virtual Care

New Emergency Department Procedures

To keep all of our emergency department patients safe and their wait times as short as possible, Premier Health has developed a “split-flow” process at our main hospital campuses. Patients who have a cough, fever, sore throat, or are experiencing shortness of breath will be asked to enter the emergency department through an alternate entrance. We have put up signage – and also tents, in some cases – at our emergency department entrances as part of this process, which will remain in place for the foreseeable future.

If you have chest pain, difficulty breathing/shortness of breath, dizziness, a severe headache, or other potentially life-threatening problems, please call 911. We ask that you do not go to your local emergency department for COVID-19 testing as the emergency department is for those who need the most critical care. 

In Our Hospitals

Our hospitals are following CDC guidelines to identify and isolate patients who might be contagious, and to prevent unnecessary exposure to other patients and visitors. We have established protocols to triage patients at hospital entry points, as well as a process for safely moving patients through the facility while in isolation. Our hospitals have the necessary equipment and facilities to provide not only a comfortable, healing environment for patients with COVID-19, but also for other patients.

Our hospitals have special isolation rooms that use negative pressure, designed to prevent airborne bacteria and viruses from escaping and spreading to other areas of the hospital. Staff and visitors are required to wear special personal protective equipment in these rooms. 

Postponing Elective Surgeries

We are postponing all elective surgeries and other elective procedures that require staff to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) — gloves, gowns, respiratory protection, and eye protection — which is in high demand nationwide. Elective procedures are surgeries scheduled in advance that do not involve a medical emergency and can be postponed without causing harm to the patient. Procedures will continue for patients with urgent needs. If a procedure is postponed, patients will be contacted at a later date to reschedule.

Postponing elective surgeries helps prevent the potential spread of disease and helps hospitals conserve precious resources such as blood, ventilators, and personal protective equipment for providers.

Visitor And Dining Restrictions

Premier Health hospitals, along with all members of the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association, are restricting visitors to limit the spread of COVID-19. Visitor restrictions also are in place for Premier Physician Network offices. Read more about current visitor restrictions.

Our hospital dining areas remain open for carryout only, continuing to offer a variety of nutritious foods for visitors and staff. Seating areas have been greatly reduced and are reserved for visitors. Please note that hospital dining areas are accepting only credit cards and employee payroll deduction.

Classes And Events

All in-person classes and events are suspended. Get the most current information on future classes and online opportunities.

Protecting Our Staff

We are making every effort to keep our staff safe by suspending all business travel and discouraging in-person meetings. When feasible, we are allowing many of our non-clinical employees to work from home temporarily. We also have made arrangements to support our employees who have child-care needs.

COVID-19 Testing

To meet the high demand for COVID-19 testing, we have set up a collection site in the University of Dayton Arena parking lot.

This site offers a process to collect specimens only from patients who have a physician order with them for a COVID-19 test to be performed. Those who visit the site with a physician's order will be checked to see if they have a fever and other symptoms consistent with COVID-19. Those who are asymptomatic might not be tested, even if they have a physician's order.

Ways To Help

As we all work together to fight this pandemic, everyone makes a difference. You can recognize #healthcareheroes, make a donation, and more.

Explore Our COVID-19 Resources

We’re here for you and your family with important information about the health crisis, ways to remain healthy, and suggestions for coping with the new challenges we all face.

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You can rest assured that at Premier Health, our care lives here for you and your loved ones — now, and when we’ve come through this crisis together.