This Labor Day Belongs To You

Your hard work deserves a relaxing reward. As you celebrate summer’s end on Labor Day weekend, make plans to enjoy a healthy, colorful fall.

Have a Cold? You’re Not Alone

Across the U.S., common respiratory illnesses are on the rise. Learn why, how to tell if it’s COVID or a cold, and how to boost your immunity.

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Tame the Pain Of IT Band Syndrome

Pain on the outside of the knee or hip may be caused by IT band syndrome. It’s treatable —and often preventable — so you can keep moving.

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Hard Truths About the Delta Variant

It’s 60 percent more contagious than the original COVID-19 virus, and more dangerous if you’re overweight and unvaccinated.

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Your 50s: Making Positive Transitions

Being in your 50s has never held so much opportunity and promise. It’s a time to decrease risk factors and plan for a healthy future.

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Urgent Care Open On Labor Day

Don’t let minor illness or injury disrupt holiday fun. Premier Health Urgent Care offers 24/7 virtual visits and is open every day, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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Our Patients Need Your Skills

Southwest Ohio’s largest health system is hiring for direct patient care and support positions. Great pay and benefits.

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