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Premier Health providers answer frequently asked questions about prevention and wellness for women.

In addition to diet and exercise, what other lifestyle habits should women practice to stay healthy?

Sleep, relaxation and downtime can be as important to a healthy lifestyle as diet and exercise.


The following are some tips for better sleep:

  • Have a regular sleep schedule so you go to bed and get up at the same time every day.
  • Exercise regularly, but complete your exercise at least two to four hours before bedtime.
  • Avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol.
  • Use your bed primarily for sleep rather than making it a catch-all location to pay bills, watch TV, surf the web and more.


Here are some tips to help you relax:

  • Calm your mind by finding a quiet place.
  • Focus on peaceful thoughts, images or words.
  • Stretch and breathe slowly before returning to your daily routine.
  • Use body-calming exercise by mentally focusing on relaxing your body one part at a time.
  • Take a mental vacation using visualization to free your mind by picturing yourself someplace calm, warm and relaxing

Talk to your physician for more ideas about how to improve your personal health.

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