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What guidelines should women know before taking on a new diet and exercise routine?

Every woman has different needs when it comes to diet and exercise. Before taking on a new diet and exercise routine, it’s important to talk with your physician.

Women with health conditions need to take precautions to ensure they don’t injure themselves during exercise. Health conditions can include anything from pregnancy to heart disease.

Keep these health conditions in mind also when changing your eating habits to make sure you meet your nutritional needs.


Here are some basic guidelines to keep in mind when making diet and exercise decisions:

  • Strive to reach and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Have realistic goals.
  • Rather than eliminating certain foods, try eating everything in moderation.
  • Losing weight takes time. Looking for a quick fix can be unhealthy.
  • Eat a balanced diet with a variety of foods.
  • A little exercise is better than no exercise, so do what you can to start out.
  • Mix up your exercise routine so it doesn’t get boring to you or your body.

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