Epilepsy and Seizures

Premier Health providers answer frequently asked questions about epilepsy and seizures.

What are the risk factors of epilepsy or seizures?

Dr. Barbara Phillips discusses the risks faced by people with epilepsy and seizures. Click play to watch the video or read the transcript.


Injuries are the most comment risk of seizures and epilepsy with recurrent seizures. People frequently fall and break bones. The intensity of the muscle contraction during a seizure can actually break the spinal column or cause vertebral collapse. You can also injure your brain. People fall during a seizure and have bleeding in the brain. If you have long-term seizures, you should get frequent brain imaging because, very rarely, people may develop tumors.

People with chronic epilepsy may also have memory problems and personality changes. They're at higher risk for depression and other psychiatric illnesses. There are also risks and side effects from medicines used to treat epilepsy.

Source: Barbara Phillips, MD, Clinical Neuroscience Institute; Arshi Naz, MD, Clinical Neuroscience Institute