Epilepsy and Seizures

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Are there pre-created epilepsy diaries available for you to use?

Dr. Arshi Naz discusses how to find a pre-created epilepsy diary. Click play to watch the video or read the transcript.

Are there pre-created epilepsy diaries available for you to use?

There are several online resources available. There are apps, which can be downloaded on a smart phone for example. Epilepsy Foundation offers an app, which can be downloaded, known as My Seizure Diary. That app offers patient to document the seizure description, frequency, duration, the days they are seizure free, if it's too frequent for them. They can also enter their seizure medication dosing. Not just seizure medication, they can enter other medication they're on so that the physician can understand if there is interaction going on between those medication and the seizure medication.

They can also set a reminder for themselves to remember taking their medication. This information can be shared with a caregiver, so some kind of a reminder can be set up for them to help seizure patients. They can also set up a reminder for themselves to refill their medication, so that's always helpful. This information can be shared with their healthcare provider online, and this app can be used offline more too and it can be synchronized later when the internet is available. So a patient can always use those resources, and that's always helpful for physician to plan their treatment for them.


Technology can be a great tool to use when keeping an epilepsy diary.

Many options of epilepsy and seizure diaries are available online through sites such as the Epilepsy FoundationOff Site Icon (EF) and the American Epilepsy SocietyOff Site Icon (AES).

These online diaries and downloadable apps are helpful at tracking not only seizures, their length, and duration but also doctor’s appointments, medications, and other daily changes you want to track.

If online and epilepsy diaries aren’t your style, a pen and paper will work just as well. Just make sure to talk to your doctor about what you should include in your own epilepsy diary.

For more information about pre-created epilepsy diaries, talk with your doctor.

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Source: Barbara Phillips, MD, Clinical Neuroscience Institute; Arshi Naz, MD, Clinical Neuroscience Institute