Brain Tumor Frequently Asked Questions

Premier Health providers answer frequently asked questions about brain tumors. 

How do neurosurgeons ensure accuracy when removing a brain tumor?

The good news is that there is so much advancement in technology and in our understanding of the brain that often previously inoperable brain tumors can now be removed surgically. Neurosurgeons can map and understand an individual’s brain, which is different in every person. Very often before surgery, a functional MRI is completed to identify speech or motor areas in the brain. This also which can improves the surgical outcome.

Our team also can perform surgery while a patient is awake (need some mention of the fact that this is relatively painless) in order to map the tumor and the brain and structures around it, so we can avoid damaging healthy tissue while removing as much of the tumor as possible. This interaction is relatively painless for the patient, as the brain doesn’t have pain receptors, and is the most reliable way to ensure that the doctor does not damage healthy tissue while removing as much of the tumor as possible. The neurosurgeon will ask the patient to answer questions and perform simple tasks to make sure motor and speech function remains intact.

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