Answers to Common Cardiothoracic Surgery Questions

Premier Health providers answer frequently asked questions about cardiothoracic surgery.

What is robotically-assisted thoracic surgery?

Until recently, most thoracic surgeries required opening the chest cavity, and many times spreading the ribs. Such invasive surgeries require extensive recovery time and significant post-operative pain and discomfort for the patient. Advances in technology now allow surgeons to see inside the chest cavity and perform procedures through small incisions because smaller robotic arms manipulate the patient rather than the surgeons’ hands.

In robotically-assisted thoracic surgery, the surgeon sits behind a console that controls a machine (robot) that is bedside to the patient. The daVinci® robotic system has an imaging system that provides the surgeon with magnified 3D views. The robotic arms also have more rotation and maneuverability than surgeons’ wrists and hands. As a result, robotically-assisted thoracic surgery allows the surgeon better visibility and a higher degree of precision during the procedure without opening the chest.

To learn more about robotically-assisted thoracic surgery, talk to your thoracic surgeon.

Source: Cardiothoracic Surgery Associates

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