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What advantages does Stereotaxis offer in the treatment of heart rhythm disorders?

Premier Health’s Dr. Mark Krebs discusses the advantages of Stereotaxis. Click play to watch the video or read the transcript.


As Dr. Krebs explains, “Stereotaxis is a robotic system driven by magnets…” Using magnets to guide catheters through the veins from the groin to the heart to treat arrhythmias has a number of advantages over conventional methods:

  1. Reduced radiation exposure
    Stereotaxis, Inc. reports that on average, the magnetically driven system requires only 17.8 minutes of X-ray exposure, compared to the conventional method average of 27.1 minutes—a 35% decrease. However, Dr. Krebs reports that experienced electrophysiologists may be able to decrease X-ray exposure by up to 90%.
  2. Increased accuracy and precision
    Magnetically driven navigation allows electrophysiologists to more accurately target the catheter tips, ensuring that only the intended tissue is destroyed. The increased accuracy not only minimizes risk of unnecessary damage to the patient, it also allows surgeons to treat complex arrhythmias that were previously untreatable.

Stereotaxis, Inc. also notes that the catheters are ultra-soft, less likely to damage thin, fragile heart tissue. The minimally invasive nature of this procedure also minimizes patient scarring and recovery time.

To learn more about the advantages of Stereotaxis, please speak with your health care provider. 

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Source: Kevin Kravitz, MD, Dayton Heart Center; Mark E. Krebs, MD, Miami Valley Cardiologists; Abdul Wase, MD, The Premier Heart Associates; Sameh Khouzam, MD, Dayton Heart Center

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