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Premier Health providers answer frequently asked questions about atrial fibrillation.

How does Stereotaxis benefit those with abnormal heart rhythms?

Premier Health’s Dr. Mark Krebs explains the benefit of Stereotaxis. Click play to watch the video or read the transcript.


Many abnormal heart rhythms are treated with a procedure called cardiac or catheter ablation. During this procedure, a catheter is threaded through a vein (usually in the groin) up to the heart where electrodes are placed on specific sites where the short circuit causing the arrhythmia originates. These electrodes deliver radiofrequency energy to burn the tissue or cryoenergy to freeze the tissue, isolating the errant electrical signals.

Stereotaxis is a specific system used for cardiac ablation procedures. Using the Stereotaxis system, electrophysiologists magnetically navigate the catheters to the destination sites on the heart muscle. As Dr. Krebs explains, magnetic navigation allows for a greater degree of accuracy in the placement of the electrodes. Increased precision means that only the tissue conducting the extra electrical signals will be destroyed, effectively addressing the arrhythmia while decreasing the risk to patients.

As Stereotaxis Inc., manufacturer of the magnetically-driven robotic system, explains, the system also uses ultra-soft catheter wires, which are less likely to damage soft heart tissue. The system also enables electrophysiologists to significantly reduce their use of X-rays to guide the catheters to the heart and place the electrodes. According to Dr. Krebs, compared to the conventional procedure, Stereotaxis catheter ablation can reduce patient exposure to radiation by up to 90%.

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Source: Kevin Kravitz, MD, Dayton Heart Center; Mark E. Krebs, MD, Miami Valley Cardiologists; Abdul Wase, MD, The Premier Heart Associates; Sameh Khouzam, MD, Dayton Heart Center

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