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Can stress levels change with age or life stages?

As we age, our ability to manage stress in order to live a healthy lifestyle changes, according to a study by the American Psychological AssociationOff Site Icon (APA).

The study found that all Americans, regardless of age, reported having more stress than what is considered a healthy level, according to the APA; younger Americans said they experienced more stress than older generations and that they do not manage it well.

The sources for stress also varied by generation, according to the APA. Millennials (age 18 to 33) and Gen Xers (age 34 to 47) said job stability, money and work were what caused the majority of stress in their lives. Baby Boomers (age 48 to 66) and Matures (age 67 and older) were stressed most by health issues affecting themselves and their families.

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Source: Ann DeClue, MD, Ann DeClue MD; Joseph Leithold, MD, Woodcroft Family Practice; Jennifer Philpot, CNP, Stillwater Family Care; Angelia Mickle, DNP, Jamestown Family Medicine