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How is ring avulsion treated?

Dr. Matthew Cavo discusses how to treat ring avulsion.?Click play to watch the video or?read the transcript.

How is ring avulsion treated?

Ring avulsion injuries are very difficult injuries to treat. Often they involve an injury to the blood vessels, tendons, and even the bones of a finger, so pretty much every level of the finger's anatomy is injured. Often times an attempt is made to reconnect all of those different structures. The tendons are repaired, the blood vessels are repaired, the skin is repaired, and the bones are fixed, if possible. Unfortunately, often times, these injuries have to result in a surgical amputation even further back from where the injury started, so that the skin can be closed and you have a functioning hand.


Treating a ring avulsion can be difficult because of the amount of damage the injury can do to your finger’s tendons, bone, blood vessels, and soft tissue, Premier Physician Network (PPN) physicians say.

When a ring you’re wearing gets caught on something and pulled quickly and forcefully, it can cause a ring avulsion. This kind of injury can peel the skin from where the ring would be worn toward the top of your finger.

Doctors can try to repair and reconnect tendons, blood vessels and skin, but many times the injury is too severe to repair. In many cases, a ring avulsion leads to surgical amputation of your injured finger.

To learn more about how a ring avulsion is treated, talk with your doctor.

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