Premier Health providers answer frequently asked questions about obesity.

What is obesity without comorbidities?

While it is not common, it is possible to suffer from obesity without having any known comorbidities.

Though comorbid conditions – such as diabetes, osteoporosis, sleep apnea and cardiovascular disease – might not be apparent at first, over time, they can become issues, according to the Annals of Internal MedicineOff Site Icon.

Over time, the extra weight of obesity takes a toll on the body, which can eventually cause comorbidities to arise.

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Source: Mujeeb Siddiqui, DO, Premier Metabolic and Bariatric Associates; Registered Dietitian Laura Vikmanis, Premier Metabolic and Bariatric Associates; C. Joe Northup, MD, Premier Weight Loss Solutions; Chandan Gupta, MD, Monroe Medical Center