Premier Health providers answer frequently asked questions about obesity.

What are steps people can take – both kids and adults – to break unhealthy habits that lead to obesity?

To help break unhealthy habits that lead to obesity, you can start by setting both smaller, short-term goals and larger, long-term goals.

When you make even small changes, they can add up to a surprisingly big change in your health, according to the American Academy of Family PhysiciansOff Site Icon (AAFP).

Premier Physician Network (PPN) doctors say both adults and children can break some unhealthy habits by changing the way they manage food, physical activity, and stress in their lives.

You can change unhealthy lifestyle habits little by little by replacing them with easy to manage, enjoyable alternatives.

With food, you can plan ahead to have fresh, healthy snacks on hand, and eliminate sugary, high-fat foods and drinks.

Make time to eat together as a family, and model healthy eating habits for children.

Limit screen time and replace it with physical activity. Instead of watching a movie or texting, enjoy the outdoors, and do something active together.

Relieve stress by planning enjoyable activities, such as get-togethers with family, reading, meeting up with friends, listening to music, and being outside.

For more information about ways to change unhealthy behaviors that lead to obesity, talk to your doctor.

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