New Year’s Resolutions

Premier Physician Network providers answer Frequently Asked Questions about Being Healthier in the New Year.

Is there new technology, such as smart phone apps, that can help me achieve a level of physical activity I need to stay healthy?

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Whether you’re using a smartphone, a tablet or a computer, this technology is no longer just a means to help stay in touch with friends and family.

These technological tools all can be very helpful with personal healthcare, according to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).

There are applications – apps – available for purchase, according to the AARP, that can help you manage health habits including:

  • Your diet – From counting calories and carbs to tracking how many glasses of water you’ve had each day, keeping track of what you’re eating is simple. You can also find healthy recipes to meet your dietary needs at the touch of a screen or the click of mouse.
  • Your exercise – Track your steps. Turn on music for your exercise routine. Or even display an exercise video that you’re going to follow along to, anytime and anywhere. There’s no excuse for being stationary when technology is on the go with you.
  • You medication – There are a variety of apps available not to help you keep track of your medications with alerts you can set to make sure you remember to take a certain medication at a specific day and time. You can also set reminders who when you need to refill a prescription and more.

Other forms of technology, including video games such as Kinect and Wii, give you the opportunity to mix up your exercise routine by letting you dance to the latest hits in a nightclub from the comfort of your living room or play a game of tennis in the middle of January. Many of these games have workout modes that will help you track your activity level through game play, according to the AARP.

For more information about how you can work technology into managing your health, talk with your doctor.

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