Answers to Common Holiday Health Questions

Premier Physician Network providers answer frequently asked questions about holiday health.

What are some simple steps people can take to stay safe this holiday season?

There are a variety of safety hazards to be aware of during the holiday season, including decoration safety, toy safety, and vehicle safety.

The National Safety Council (NSC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) shared some tips about how the stay safe this holiday season, including:

  • Buy safe toys: Choose age-appropriate toys and make sure that if the toys are for younger kids, that there are not small parts they could choke on or sharp edges. Remove strings or ribbons that are long enough to be choking hazards. Avoid electric toys that heat up, and always purchase safety equipment to go along with bicycles, scooters and other outside toys.
  • Be careful with decorations: Trees, especially fresh trees, can be fire hazards. Trees also should be well secured to avoid them tipping and falling. Lights should be checked to ensure they don’t get hot. Lights also should be secured wherever you hang them so they don’t become a fall or choking hazard. Never light a candle or the fireplace near a tree, near hanging decorations or within reach of children.
  • Practice vehicle safety: Have a winter check done on your vehicle to make sure the brakes, tires and more are ready for winter weather. Be prepared for emergencies by having a “survival kit” – including a flashlight, blankets, ice scraper, first aid kit, road flares, matches and high energy, non-perishable foods. Always lock your vehicle and park in a well-lit, high-traffic location while out holiday shopping to prevent criminals from targeting you or your vehicle.

For more holiday safety tips, talk to your doctor.

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