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What are long-term risks that can come with not properly caring for a cut?

The biggest long-term risk you face if you don’t properly care for a cut is infection, according to Premier Physician Network (PPN) physicians.

People don’t often wash their hands just before getting cut, so it can be easy for germs and bacteria to get into a wound when the cut first happens.

Other risks include excess blood loss from deep wounds, bleeding to death, and having debris or a piece of an object stuck inside the cut.

It’s important to care for both minor and more major cuts to avoid these kinds of long-term health issues.

Talk with your doctor to find out more long-term risks of not properly caring for a cut.

Source: David Mesker, MD, Englewood Family Practice; Ratna Palakodeti, MD, First Care Family Medical; Susan Davis-Brown, MD, Brookville Family Care

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