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What are treatment options for smell and taste disorders?

Dr. Adam discusses treatment options for smell and taste disorders. Click play to watch the video or read the transcript.


If you have a smell and taste disorder caused by an allergy or other nasal inflammation, your PCP might be able to prescribe or alter a medication to take care of the smell and taste issues, according to the American Rhinologic SocietyOff Site Icon (ARS).

If polyps are the cause of your smell and taste disorder, they can be removed to improve your smell and taste, according to the ARS.

However, for some chronic neck and head conditions, such as chronic rhinosinusitis, the smell and taste disorder could be permanent, according to the ARS.

Oral steroids can sometimes benefit these patients who have had permanent loss of taste and smell, but not in all situations, according to the ARS.

Talk to your doctor for more information about treating loss of smell and taste.

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Source: Stewart Adam, MD, Premier ENT Associates; Jeffrey Adam, MD, Premier ENT Associates; Laura Tully, MD, Premier ENT Associates