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How are sinusitis symptoms different from a cold or allergies?

Sinusitis is a condition that can often be mistaken for a cold or allergies.

Like a cold and allergies, sinusitis has symptoms including headaches, facial pain, a runny nose, and nasal congestion, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and ImmunologyOff Site Icon (ACAAI).

But, unlike a cold, sinusitis symptoms can be caused by a bacterial infection and often times can require antibiotics to treat, according to the ACAAI.

Sinusitis can be caused by allergies, especially if you frequently use a decongestant nasal spray, according to the American Academy of Family PhysiciansOff Site Icon (AAFP).

For more information about how sinusitis is different from a cold and allergies, talk with your doctor.

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