Answers to Common Digestive Health Questions

Premier Health providers answer frequently asked questions about digestive health.

What are steps a person can take to ensure healthy gut bacteria?

There are a few steps you can take to work toward having healthy gut bacteria.

One thing you can do is take probiotics, either as a supplement or through foods you choose to eat, Premier Physician Network (PPN) physicians say.

The next thing you can do is choose what you eat and drink carefully. Drinking too much alcohol and eating greasy, unhealthy foods can have a negative effect on the balance of gut bacteria.

Taking too many antibiotics or taking antibiotics when you don’t really need them can also throw off the balance of bacteria in your gut. Avoid taking antibiotics unless you really need them to kick your sickness.

For more information about steps you can take to keep your gut bacteria healthy, talk with your doctor.

Source: L. Stewart Lowry, MD, FACS, Miami County Surgeons; Rosanne Danielson, MD, Premier Gastroenterology Specialists; Fayez Abboud, MD, Premier Gastroenterology Specialists; Marcus Washington, MD, Premier Health Family Medicine


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