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What are the risks of using artificial sweeteners?

There is not conclusive research to prove either risks or benefits of artificial sweeteners, according to the National Institutes of HealthOff Site   Icon (NIH).

There is no evidence that sugar substitutes approved for use in the United States cause cancer or other serious health issues, according to the American Academy of Family PhysiciansOff Site Icon (AAFP).

Artificial sweeteners might, however, make your cravings for sweets stronger, according to the NIH. Studies have shown that the very strong sweet taste artificial sweeteners might lead people to have a “sweet tooth.”

This could cause overeating and eating sugary sweets that you might have otherwise avoided, according to the NIH.

It is also possible that artificial sweeteners change gut microbes, which could have an effect on how the body metabolizes sugars, according to the NIH. While studies are being done, no research has proven this yet.

For more information about risks of artificial sweeteners, talk with your physician.

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