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How do schools ensure that safety equipment is properly working?

Dr. Barrow discusses how schools ensure safety equipment is working correctly. Click play to watch the video or read the transcript.

How do schools ensure that safety equipment is working properly?

Schools make certain that equipment is properly working in a variety of ways. A lot of that really falls to the coaches of the particular sport to know what their equipment is, and how it should look, and how it should fit. And then if they have questions, they can take care of getting the athletic trainers or the AD or the equipment representative to come in and look at it.

Probably one of the best examples are the football helmets, and those are evaluated by the athletic trainers as well as by coaches that have been trained on how to fit those. Now, that doesn't mean that every coach that puts on a helmet is automatically an expert on putting on helmets, but there's going to be someone on the staff that knows how to assess if they fit well. If there's any concern then, you need to get to either the athletic trainer or the athletic director or have one of the company reps look at it and see if everything is appropriate.


Safety equipment – specifically items used for athletes – often becomes the responsibility of coaches to check, according to Premier Physician Network (PPN) physicians.

Sports safety equipment, such as helmets and safety padding, are typically checked by coaches as part of an inventory process. If there are questions or concerns, an athletic trainer, athletic director or equipment representative can look at the equipment to determine good working condition, according to PPN physicians.

Athletic trainers will also help to make sure safety equipment not only works right but also fits right to keep athletes safe while playing different sports, according to PPN physicians.

Talk to your doctor for more information about how schools can ensure safety equipment is working properly.

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