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How can summer’s extreme heat affect children?

Children’s body heat can rise faster than an adult’s, and it only takes a few minutes for children’s bodies to become overheated, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).

Health effects that could be caused by extreme heat, according to the AAP, include:

  • Dehydration – Caused by not drinking enough water. The hotter it is and the more active your child is, the more frequently they need to drink water.
  • Heat cramps – Low salt levels caused by sweating can cause these painful muscle cramps. The cramps are typically in the hands, arms, legs and abdomen and are usually the first sign that the body is having trouble with the heat.
  • Heat exhaustion – Loss of water through heavy sweating causes this mild form of shock. Heavy sweating, extreme weakness and fatigue, dizziness and clammy skin are all signs of heat exhaustion.
  • Heat stroke – If the body’s temperature goes over 104 degrees, seek medical treatment immediately for your child. Symptoms may also include dizziness, confusion, headaches and chills.

To keep summer’s extreme heat from affecting your children, the AAP recommends:

  • Protect yourselves from the sun – Try to spend time outside in the morning or at night when the sun is least bright. Try to find a shaded spot.
  • Find cool shelter – Plan to have a cool, air-conditioned place for your child. If this isn’t your home, find someplace else, such as a friend’s house or a library.
  • Increase water intake – Drink more water before, during and after your outdoor activities.
  • Rest – Heat can make children feel tired, so plan for extra downtime.
  • Wear hats and light colored clothing

For more information about how summer’s heat can affect children, talk with your child’s physician.

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