Answers to Common Alzheimer’s Disease Questions

Premier Health providers answer frequently asked questions about Alzheimer’s disease and how to live with and manage the condition.

What resources do you recommend for someone newly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease?

Dr. Larry Lawhorne discusses helpful resources for someone newly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Click play to watch the video or read the transcript.


Once you tell a patient and their family about an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, they don’t hear much. I tell people the diagnosis means they will have continuing problems with memory and thinking and I give them some pamphlets and the website for the Alzheimer's Association. Then we make an appointment for the next week to talk more about everything.

The Alzheimer's Association website is very useful for families in terms of preparing for the next few months and the next few years. The book, The 36-Hour Day, by Nancy Mace and Peter Rabins is also very helpful. Mace is a PhD nurse and Rabins is a psychiatrist who’s worked with dementia at Johns Hopkins for decades. The book shares strategies to manage different kinds of Alzheimer’s behaviors. 

A diagnosis starts what is really a constant conversation about preparation. As we’ve talked about, it’s a journey that’s going to go on for a long time. 

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Source: Larry Lawhorne, MD, Wright State Physicians; National Institute on Aging, Alzheimer’s Association