Answers to Common Spine Health Questions

Premier Health providers answer frequently asked questions about spine health.

What are the surgical options available?

In treating spinal osteoarthritis, many health care professionals regard surgery as an option only after all non-invasive methods have been exhausted and proved ineffective, according to the Arthritis FoundationOff Site Icon.

A laminectomy is a minimally-invasive procedure for treating a pinched nerve, according to the National Institutes of HealthOff Site Icon (NIH). The procedure involves opening the spinal canal to make more room, according to the NIH. The NIH states that spinal fusion, the joining of two or more vertebrae, may also alleviate the pain of spinal osteoarthritis.

For more information about spinal osteoarthritis surgery, talk to your doctor.

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Source: Jennifer Smail, MD, Pledger Orthopaedic Spine Center and Associates; Neal Mehan, MD, Clinical Neuroscience Institute

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