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Premier Health providers answer frequently asked questions about spine health.

How is cervical degenerative disc disease treated?

Dr. Neal Mehan discusses treatment for cervical degenerative disc disease. Click play to watch the video or read the transcript.

How is cervical degenerative disc disease treated?

Cervical disk disease can be managed in different ways. If it is not too severe it can be managed conservatively with physical therapy. If it's severe enough there are surgical options to decompress the nerves and spinal cord.


When cervical degenerative disc disease is less severe, it can be managed with physical therapy.

If you have a more severe version of the disease, surgical options are available that can help to decompress your nerves and spinal cord, Premier Physician Network (PPN) physicians say.

For more information about how degenerative disc disease is treated, talk to your doctor.

Source: Jennifer Smail, MD, Pledger Orthopaedic Spine Center and Associates; Neal Mehan, MD, Clinical Neuroscience Institute

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