Answers to Common Elbow Osteoarthritis Questions

Premier Health providers answer frequently asked questions about elbow osteoarthritis.

What is the difference between tendinitis and bursitis?

Tendinitis and bursitis are similar in that both conditions that can cause swelling around muscles and bones like the elbow, ankle, hip, knee, shoulder, or wrist according to the National Institutes of HealthOff Site Icon (NIH). Bursitis is a condition of the bursa, a sac-like tissue that acts as a cushion between bones and tissues. Bursitis results when the bursa becomes inflamed, according to the NIH.

Tendinitis is the inflammation of the tendon, the tissue that connects one bone to another, according to the Arthritis FoundationOff Site Icon (AF). Due to a tendon’s location, to a joint, the pain of tendinitis can be mistaken for arthritis, according to the AF.

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Source: Mark Zunkiewicz, MD, Premier Orthopedics; Anthony Checroun, MD, Premier Orthopedics

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