Answers to Common Elbow Osteoarthritis Questions

Premier Health providers answer frequently asked questions about elbow osteoarthritis.

What are the surgical options?

In treating osteoarthritis, many health care professionals regard surgery as an option only after all non-invasive methods have been exhausted and proved ineffective, according to the American College of RheumatologyOff Site Icon (ACR). Surgery is considered in mostly in severe cases of osteoarthritis, according to the ACR.

Arthroscopy is a common surgical option for osteoarthritis, according to the Joint replacement surgery involves the removal of joint tissue, according to the Arthritis FoundationOff Site Icon (AF). In this procedure, a surgeon can repair damaged parts or remove detached cartilage with a special instrument equipped with a camera, according to the AF. This allows the specialist to conduct the procedure through small incisions with precision, according to the AF.

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Source: Mark Zunkiewicz, MD, Premier Orthopedics; Anthony Checroun, MD, Premier Orthopedics

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