Answers to Common Arthritis Questions

Premier Health providers answer frequently asked questions about arthritis.

When are injections a treatment option?

Dr. Michael Raab explains how injections are used to treat arthritis. Click play to watch the video or read the transcript.


Joint injections, like surgery, are used to treat arthritis only after every other non-invasive method has been exhausted, according to the National Institutes of HealthOff Site Icon. However, relief is often temporary, and more than three shots in one year can be harmful, according to the NIH.

Knee pain caused by arthritis can be treated with injections, according to the Arthritis FoundationOff Site Icon. According to the AF, common injections used to treat arthritic knees include:

  • Hyaluronic acid supplements – acts as a shock absorber and lubricant
  • Corticosteroid – provides relief of pain and inflammation
  • Arthrocentesis – removal of excess fluid, easing pain and swelling

For more information about injections to treat arthritis, talk to your doctor.

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Source: Michael Raab, MD, Premier Orthopedics

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