Nursing Research Fellowship 2019-2020 Update

By: Patricia O’Malley, PhD, APRN-CNS, nurse researcher

The first year of the Nursing Research Fellowship has been completed and there is so much to celebrate!

Congratulations to our fellows who persevered in the journey: Renate Back, MSN, RN (Atrium Medical Center); Greg Sanchez; MS-APRN, ACNC-BC, CWON (Miami Valley Hospital); Emily Van Culin, BSN, RN, CCRN (Miami Valley Hospital); Elaine Bohman, MS, RN-BC, AGCNS-BC (Miami Valley Hospital North); Christine Broomhall, MS, BSN, RN, ACSM-CEP (Miami Valley Hospital South); and Caitlin Conaway, MS, RN (Upper Valley Medical Center).

After preparation and completion of the Magnet® site visits in 2018, research fellows began their journey in acquiring knowledge and skills necessary to support Nursing Research (NR), Evidence Based Practice (EBP), and Performance Improvement (PI) in nursing. Serving as part of NKII Council of System Shared Governance (Caitlin Conaway, chair, and Renate Back, co-chair), the fellows provide guidance for policy and procedure development, consultation, education, support, and mentoring that supports NR, EBP, and PI.

The curriculum for the fellows this past year was intense. First explored were primary elements for research in nursing. Topics included: Code of Federal Regulations, Human Subjects Protection, Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Human Research Investigation Committee (HIRC) rules and approval processes, rules for consent, protection of confidentiality, simple data analysis, and proposal preparation. The fellows completed national human subjects training and certification (CITI) and were provided an incredible opportunity to complete national ethics training via the Ethical Research Oversight Course (EROC) certification from PRIMR (Public Responsibility in Medicine & Research).  Fellows explored web tools available for NR, EBP, and PI projects. This opportunity provided education on how to complete a peer review for literature, how to differentiate PI from research, and preparing research abstracts. The fellows also developed a section on SharePoint to store and manage resource materials that will assist us in our next Magnet® preparation process.

Besides learning, the fellows were busy creating! They prepared and disseminated the 2019 first Virtual Nursing Research-EBP-PI Poster Walk for nursing which provided contact hours. (This is still available on SharePoint until May 2020. Search 2019 Nursing Poster Walk!) This project was incredibly complex and provided a comprehensive view of research, EBP, and PI for Premier Health nursing which has been used as a foundation for Versant Resident and student projects.

Many of the fellows applied and were selected by ANCC to review abstracts for the 2019 Magnet National Conference. Additionally, the fellows implemented a Journal Club as part of NKII Council to help translate evidence to practice. They have assisted in evaluation of evidence for policies and procedures throughout the year. A grant was prepared and submitted with help of the Miami Valley Hospital Foundation to obtain research funding for exercise studies in cancer at MVHS under the direction of fellow Christine Broomhall, MS, BSN, RN, ACSM-CEP, who was honored for her exemplary work and research by Champions of Hope this year.

Finally, writing for publication was explored with fellows consulting on a publication regarding medication-assisted therapy for opioid disorders published in the British Medical Journal. Currently, fellows are preparing for their first publication submission in January 2020, which shares evidence evaluated in NKII Council’s work on extravasation for translation to practice.

Next year will be very busy with research proposal submissions, presentations at local and regional meetings, publications, and helping staff in appraising evidence and project planning. Congratulations on work so well done and we wish them much success in the coming year!

Premier Proud!

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