Magnet Showcase: Exemplary Professional Practice

Premier Nursing News     July 2018

EP07EO: Standards of Care & Practice: Upper Valley Medical Center 

Provide one example of an improvement resulting from a change in clinical practice due to the application of a professional organization’s standards of nursing practice. The example provided may be at the unit, division or organizational level.  

Chantelle Clark, ICU/PCU nurse at UVMC, assisted with implementing a tool that would facilitate communication of all patient safety needs on the unit to all staff. This led to a greater fulfillment to the Moving Safely interventions, and a decrease in injury falls.

EP08EO: Internal & External Experts: Good Samaritan Hospital (closed in 2018)

Provide one example of an improvement that occurred due to a change in clinical practice resulting from the use of internal experts.

Melissa Peterangelo, acute care CNS, became an expert on induced hypothermia after a training workshop. She utilized the knowledge to update the clinical practice of Code Cool at Good Samaritan Hospital to utilize intravascular routes. This reduced the time to reach the cooling goal to 114 minutes, a 47 percent reduction!

EP9: Staffing/Scheduling Participation: Miami Valley Hospital

Provide two examples from different practice settings when input from clinical nurses was used to modify nurse staffing assignments and/or adjust the schedule to compensate for a change in patient acuity, patient population, resources or redesign of care.

MVHS PCU's Tinesha Mitchell and Bethany Hanenkrat worked with their manager, Ashley Peters, to adjust scheduling to ensure competency for ICU patients was not lost. Additionally, they created guidelines around adjusting nursing assignment/ratios based on acuity.


MVH Maternity areas collaborated to ensure that best practices with scheduling, holidays, and floating were consistent across all campuses and departments. A large team of clinical staff and leaders spoke honestly about the issues, and made productive recommendations that were implemented.

EP10: Budget Data Analysis: Miami Valley Hospital

Provide two examples from different practice settings, where trended data was used during the budget process, with clinical nurse input, to assess actual-to-budget performance to redistribute existing nursing resources or to acquire additional nursing resources. Trended data must be presented. 

IR nurses Mary Geraghty, Dalisse Humphrey, Phil Frederick, and Barb Kohn recognized a trend in volume increases, collaborated with their manager Heather Vocke, and gained resources to address the increase in patients.  


Endoscopy utilized trends in volume to set up the staffing for the new Miami Valley Hospital South endoscopy services. Sandy Speck, Elizabeth Eickman, and Margo Seyfang worked with their manager Natasha Luster to ensure success. 

EP11EO: Recruitment and Retention: Upper Valley Medical Center

Provide one example of clinical nurses' participation in nursing recruitment activities and the impact on vacancy rates.

UVMC nurses Heather Pfenning and Lynne Dunlevy serve as preceptors on their unit and recruited two student nurses into the Versant Residency program. Their enthusiasm to get involved with the program and reach out to past students closed the vacancy rate in their department. This represented a 39 percent improvement in vacancy.

EP12: Nursing Leadership Roles: Upper Valley Medical Center 

Provide one example of a nurse-led (or nurse co-led) collaborative interprofessional quality improvement activity. 

Missy Tallmadge, UVMC nursing director, led an interprofessional team to correct findings from multiple medication diversion investigations and standardize the process when diversion is suspected.

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