Celebrating Premier Health System Designation at 2019 Magnet Conference

By: Annie Neff, BSN, RN and Annette Drake, MS, RN, CRRN, CBIS- Magnet program managers

Premier Health clinical nurses and nurse leaders attended the three-day 2019 Magnet Conference in Orlando, Fla. The team of 30 attended a variety of podium and poster sessions while networking with nurses from around the world. Conference attendees also had the opportunity to celebrate and be recognized for Premier Health’s first system Magnet designation with 128 nationally and internationally hospitals or systems. Premier Health is featured beginning at 34:15 on the celebration video.

Upon return from the conference, attendees submitted recommendations on how to move Premier Health’s culture of excellence forward. Two of the ideas attendees would like to pursue are:

  • Code lavender to assist nursing peers when they are overwhelmed and foster improved teamwork
  • Strategies for addressing food insecurity of patients/families across Premier Health

When asked what attending the conference meant, common themes included: 

  • Conference validated excellent nursing practices already present throughout Premier Health
  • Inspires, empowers, and energizes us to share strategies that could be implemented throughout Premier Health to further improve patient outcomes, increase nurse satisfaction, and enhance patient experience

Listed below are the clinical nurses and nurse leaders who attended the Magnet conference:


  1. Tina Gregory, ACNO
  2. Ingrid Waggoner, director of nursing
  3. Melissa Dinsmore, clinical APRN Med-Surg
  4. Tessa Robinson, clinical nurse in ICU, chair of TL Council, Magnet Site Visit Ambassador
  5. Mallory Burdine, clinical nurse med-surg  
  6. Doreen Moore, clinical nurse educator in ER
  7. Kelsey Leonard, lactation consultant, conference attendee winner from Shared Governance Survey participation
  8. Renate Back, clinical nurse, cardiac catheterization and nurse research fellow


  1. Christie Gray, CNO
  2. Michelle Adkins, director of nursing
  3. Lisa Trefz, clinical APRN women’s services
  4. Carla McKee, nurse manager MVH North
  5. Kristen Scott, clinical nurse educator, MVH South
  6. Derek Mayberry, clinical nurse team leader, SEA9
  7. Sarah Anderson, clinical nurse team leader, PCU5 at MVH South
  8. Shelly Rose, clinical nurse, OR at MVH North


  1. Trish Wackler, CNO
  2. Denise Herkins, director of nursing
  3. Stephanie Kaiser, nurse manager
  4. Claire Wirrig, ANM, cardiac telemetry
  5. Ashley Heitbrink, clinical nurse educator, chair of EPP council
  6. Kandi Diamond, clinical nurse in surgical services
  7. Kimberly Beckman, clinical nurse, ED
  8. Melissa Beasley, clinical nurse team leader observation unit

System Support

  1. Peggy Mark, system chief nursing officer
  2. Angela Wale, system director, nursing practice and Magnet program director
  3. Annette Drake, Magnet program manager
  4. Annie Neff, Magnet program manager
  5. Kelly Sodders, project analyst, 2018 Magnet program manager
  6. Dr. Pat O’Malley, system nurse researcher

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