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Winter 2018

Premier Weight Loss Solutions Now Offers More Options for Weight Loss Success

Health Minute     Winter 2018

Premier Weight Loss Solutions (PWLS) offers surgical and non-surgical services to help patients meet their wellness goals.

Premier Weight Loss Solutions’ introduces new medically managed weight loss options. PWLS offers grocery-based, as well as supplement and medication supported dietary plans. The practice has a strong focus on improving overall health, with solutions that stretch beyond weight loss.

“Our patients have the best chance of success when we provide them with treatment options, and give them information, resources, and support,” says C. Joe Northup, MD, FACS, of Premier Weight Loss Solutions. “Weight loss is only a part of helping our patients achieve their best overall health. We want to help them improve the quality of their lives.”

The Medically Managed Weight Loss Program combines dietary planning, health education, nutrition counseling, activity and exercise information, and goal management with coordinated care between the patient’s primary care provider, dietitian, Dr. Northup, and many other skilled health care providers.

Reducing the Risk of Comorbid Conditions

With obesity comes the risk of other serious, life-threatening conditions. Those who are overweight or obese have a greater chance of developing diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). There is also a chance of developing sleep apnea, feelings of depression and anxiety, according to the AAFP.

Premier Weight Loss Solutions has programs designed to manage weight loss in order to avoid the risk of developing these conditions. Weight loss plans include physical fitness education, peer support, follow-up visits, and setting realistic and achievable weight loss goals.

The practice continues to offer surgical options such as adjustable gastric band, laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, and revisional bariatric surgery.

Premier Weight Loss Solutions is located in Centerville at 6611 Clyo Road, Suite F. The practice is an accredited Bariatric Center of Excellence and holds accreditation for bariatric surgery with Anthem, Cigna and Optum United HealthCare Center of Distinction Surgeons.

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