Premier Health COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics

Premier Health offers vaccination appointments for everyone age 12 and older. (We are not vaccinating children ages 5 to 11. Please consult your pharmacy for more information on vaccine availability.) At CompuNet Clinical Laboratories Patient Service Centers, both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are available, but are given on different days. At community walk-in clinics offered by Premier Health, only the Pfizer vaccine is given.

Minors age 12 to 17 are only eligible for the Pfizer vaccine and must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for their appointment.

Appointments are requested but not required. Walk-ins are welcome at some locations and will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority given to those with appointments.

Premier Health physician practices do not have vaccine on site and cannot accept COVID-19 vaccine appointments. Scroll down to find a vaccine clinic near you.

Preparing for your vaccination is easy. To minimize any potential side effects, we encourage you to stay hydrated with plenty of water before and after your appointment and make sure not to skip a meal before your appointment. For more information on what to bring to your appointment, when to arrive, and more, visit our Preparing For Your Vaccination page.

Select Your Dose

Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require two doses (a third and fourth dose - referred to as boosters - may also be given for those who are age 50 and olderm and for individuals who are considered immunocompromised).

Booster Shot

A booster shot is available to those who have received:

  • Both doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine at least five months ago
  • The Johnson & Johnson vaccine two or more months ago

A Pfizer booster shot is available to those 12 and older. The Moderna booster shot is available to those 18 and older.

Second Booster Shot

A second booster shot is available under these conditions:

  • Individuals 50 years of age and older at least 4 months after receipt of a first booster dose of any COVID-19 vaccine.
  • A second booster dose of the Pfizer vaccine may be administered to individuals 12 years of age and older with certain kinds of immunocompromise at least 4 months after receipt of a first booster dose of any COVID-19 vaccine. These are people who have undergone solid organ transplantation, or who are living with conditions that are considered to have an equivalent level of immunocompromise.
  • A second booster dose of the Moderna vaccine may be administered at least 4 months after the first booster dose of any COVID-19 vaccine to individuals 18 years of age and older with the same certain kinds of immunocompromise.

When scheduling a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, please choose whether you are scheduling a:

  • First dose
  • Second dose
    • Proof of previous vaccination by the same manufacturer as your previous dose is required.
  • Booster dose. For a first or second booster shot, proof of previous vaccination is required. Booster shots (first and second) are available as outlined above. 

First Dose

Choose this option if you have not had a previous COVID-19 vaccination.

Schedule Your First-Dose Appointment

Second Dose or Booster Shot*

Choose this option if you are eligible for a second dose or booster shot.

Schedule Your Second Dose or Booster Shot Appointment

Cancelling An Appointment

If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please let us know. Appointments can be cancelled using a Premier Health MyChart account, by calling our scheduling line at (937) 276-4141(937) 276-4141 (open 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., seven days a week), or by completing our cancellation form.

Vaccination Scam Alert

We have been made aware that certain scams are targeting individuals by requesting social security numbers and/or bank information in exchange for coronavirus vaccine appointments. Please be on alert for these scams. We want to assure you that no one from Premier Health will ask for your social security number or banking information in exchange for a vaccination appointment. Contact the statewide Ohio Department of Health’s COVID-19 call center (1-(833) 427-5634(833) 427-5634) to check the validity of news or claims that seem too good to be true. If you feel you have been a target of a scam, contact the Ohio Attorney General’s Office at