Ways To Help

During this unprecedented time, many of you have reached out to express your support for our hospital teams and caregivers. It means so much, and we thank you deeply for your care – especially as you deal with your own challenges. Thank you for thinking of us and for being part of our Premier Health family.

Some have asked how you can further assist. Please know that your offers are most welcome and are of immeasurable value. To ensure your safety and the appropriate utilization of all donated resources, we ask that you coordinate offers of assistance in advance by emailing us at [email protected]. Our team will be happy to provide additional guidance for those who wish to provide support.

Please do NOT drop off donations or food directly at hospital entrances, emergency departments, or physician offices. Donated items can be dropped off at the loading dock of Miami Valley Hospital or at multiple locations across the region. Here is the schedule for community drop-off locations and the list of items accepted at those locations. 

You can rest assured that at Premier Health, our care lives here for you and your loved ones – now, and when we’ve come through this crisis together. We are confident in the resilience of this region. We truly believe we will come out of this stronger than ever. 

Recognize #HealthcareHeroes

Heroes are all around us, as we’re reminded during this extraordinary time. Our front-line health care providers — and our staff members who support them — are working tirelessly to keep our patients and community safe. Take a moment to thank and recognize #healthcareheroes for the amazing job they’re doing under great stress.

Advocate for Support

There are critical shortages of personal protective equipment. Premier Health is doing everything possible to remedy this situation, but getting vital equipment and supplies is difficult due to demand from across the country and around the world.

Learn how you can help by reaching out to elected officials.

Donate Supplies and Equipment

Our region has long been known as a hub of creativity and innovation, and this longstanding legacy remains a source of pride and a beacon of hope today.

We need local scientists, researchers, engineers, and manufacturers now more than ever. We are asking for your help as we face the potential for critical shortages of health care equipment needed to combat the coronavirus pandemic. The biggest needs are for surgical gowns, face masks and surgical masks, gloves, respirators, isolation gowns, face shields, thermometers, foot coverings, ventilator tubing, and protective coveralls. 

Here’s how you can help:

  • Check your inventory for available supplies to donate to help the frontline first responders and our local hospitals battle this health crisis. 
  • Assess your organization’s ability to retool. Challenge your organization to convert production that will enable you to manufacture the critically needed protective gear, supplies, and equipment needed to battle the coronavirus pandemic in our community

As we all work together to battle this health crisis, everyone makes a difference!

Please contact [email protected] to learn more and to offer your assistance.

Provide Food

Several businesses have asked about donating food for health care providers and other members of our care team. We welcome all donations and currently have a special need for pre-packaged, grab and go foods that are easy to eat on the run. 

To coordinate food offers, please email your company name, contact name, and availability date. We ask that you do NOT drop donations off directly at hospital entrances, emergency departments, or physician office locations.  

We regret that we are not able to accept donations of homemade food.

Sew Face Masks or Medical Gowns

If you sew or have a sewing group and are interested in helping create face masks or medical gowns, please notify us so that we can send you details, including the proper pattern, materials, and handling procedures.

Please email your name, group name (if any), and contact information.

Contribute Funds

Premier Health’s 13,000 employees are indeed extraordinary heroes. Our physicians, nurses and other front-line staff are selflessly focused on providing our patients and our community the care they need. And yet, they still share your same concerns about how to stay healthy, and how to prevent spreading COVID-19 to their own families and friends. In response, our hospital foundations have established funds to support the emerging needs of our employees and ensure the care of our patients during this unprecedented time.

Some of our employees are likely to need assistance with critical necessities as they continue to provide desperately needed care to our patients. Our hospitals will need further equipment and resources to care for the imminent influx of patients who need testing, monitoring and the advanced care necessary to save lives.

No gift is too small, and every dollar donated will be used to support our caregiver’s efforts. Thank you for supporting our heroes with a gift through our hospital foundations. Your gift will make a lasting difference when our community needs it most.