Premier Health Now On-Air: COVID-19 Edition

With the news about COVID-19 evolving daily, get insights from Premier Health specialists who help to make sense of the latest developments. In this podcast, host Mary Werden asks the questions that are probably on your mind, too. Our specialists offer a trusted local perspective to help us all understand, combat, and live with the coronavirus here in Southwest Ohio.

Episode #4 - Week of 10-5-2020

Can we celebrate the upcoming holidays and stay safe? Premier Health's Marc Belcastro, DO, believes you can have a fun Halloween and welcome your college students home safely by following common-sense guidelines. Listen in as he talks with host Mary Werden about visiting loved ones in nursing homes, proven ways to boost your immunity, why respect and kindness are essential now, and how to interpret the news by “listening to the science.” 

Episode #3 – Week of 9-21-2020

Ready for COVID-19 to be over? Premier Health’s Steven Burdette, MD, cautions: “We have to keep our guard up, we have to keep social distancing, we have to wear our masks. And it does work, it's just that it's really hard as a human being to do that seven days a week.” Listen in as he talks frankly with host Mary Werden about the most effective masks, the virus’ unpredictability, advice for the upcoming flu season, and the value of telemedicine.

Episode #2 – Week of 9-7-2020

Rethinking our routines and protecting our health during this prolonged pandemic is taking a toll. Premier Health’s Randy Marriott, MD, and host Mary Werden discuss why physical activity matters more than ever, guidance for attending weddings now, advances in vaccine technology, the pros and cons of asymptomatic testing and rapid tests, and why a flu shot is essential this year. Listen in!

Episode #1 – Week of 8-24-2020

As we continue to live with COVID-19 in Southwest Ohio, Premier Health’s Roberto Colón, MD, and host Mary Werden take us inside the fight to understand, combat, and live with the coronavirus. Dr. Colón discusses current COVID-19 data trends, recovering from the virus, antigen and PCR tests, why getting a flu shot is essential this year, and why adapting is a better response than fear. Join us!