Your Baby’s Birth During COVID-19

We’re being extra careful to protect our moms throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Upon arrival at the hospital, you’ll notice these changes are in place to protect you and your soon-to-be-newborn.

  • In addition to the usual maternity screening process, you’ll be asked questions about your health and any possible exposure to COVID-19. For your protection, you’ll be given a mask.
  • Because some people test positive for COVID-19 without ever developing symptoms, it’s possible you could have the virus and not know it. That’s why we believe it’s crucial to test you when you arrive. We want to avoid the possibility of you unknowingly spreading the virus to your newborn, the rest of your family, your friends, and other well-wishers you’ll see in the coming weeks. Although you have the right to refuse the test, for the sake of your baby, your family, friends, and yourself, we hope you’ll agree.
  • Because breastfeeding is one of the best things you can do for your baby, your access to our lactation consultants and our lactation clinics hasn’t changed. And in case you’re wondering, breast milk is safe for your newborn during COVID-19.

Lactation consultations via phone are available by calling:

We know that in-person lactation visits are necessary for some babies to ensure they’re getting the nutrition they need. Regardless of where you delivered, you may request an in-person consultation at:

  • Miami Valley Hospital, call (937) 208-6160 for an appointment. Although this private lactation clinic is located within the hospital, you can get there without walking through hospital corridors.
  • Upper Valley Medical Center, call (937) 440-4906 for an appointment. During COVID-19, consultations are being held at alternate locations that are on the hospital campus, but not within the hospital.
  • Bella Baby photography is available to record your baby’s first days.
  • Maternal massage is suspended.
  • Expect all hospital staff to be wearing masks. But behind each mask expect to find unwavering dedication to you, your baby, and your family.