Christy’s Story

Christy Patient StoryMy entire adult life, I had been overweight. My highest weight was 268 pounds and I wore size 22 jeans and 3 XL tops. Only six months after my Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass surgery, I was already down to 181 pounds and wearing size a 7 in juniors!

My energy level has improved drastically. Now, I can keep up with my children and their busy schedules. The comments that I get are amazing—a great boost for anyone’s self-esteem. I love looking in the mirror, getting on the scale, and shopping for clothes. I also love stealing my teenage daughter’s clothes!

I am asked all the time if I would have the surgery again and my answer is “Absolutely!” This surgery has truly changed my life. Dr. Teel is definitely the best doctor I have ever come across. His knowledge and experience are remarkable, and he is passionate about helping his patients succeed.