Patient Guide

Welcome to Premier Family Care of Mason

Our providers welcome you to the practice. Our philosophy is that patients should be an active participant in their health care. We look forward to serving as your partner in health care.

Appointment/Procedure Preparation for New Patients

Please contact the office at (513) 492-5940(513) 492-5940 and ask to schedule your appointment.

Appointment/Procedure Preparation for Current Patients

Please call the office at (513) 492-5940(513) 492-5940 to schedule your routine patient appointment. We are delighted to offer you exceptional access to care with same-day appointments. Quality care is best achieved through a consistent physician/patient relationship.

What to Expect

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to fill out the required Patient Registration Form or Minor Registration Form. This is to verify your information and to obtain your signature authorizing us to provide treatment and to accurately file claims to your insurance company. We will also provide you with information concerning your rights under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) as required by federal law. In some cases you may need to complete the Medical Release Form.

Depending upon your specific health requirements, you may need to do a 12-hour fast for blood work.

What to Bring to Your Appointment

Please bring your current insurance card with you to each visit with your physician, a photo ID, and all of your current medications to each appointment, any allergies and past surgeries. When you arrive at the office for your scheduled appointment, we will verify your address, home and work telephone numbers and insurance information.  Please notify us immediately of any changes in personal or insurance information.  We also ask that you provide your email address so that in the future we can contact you via email if you wish.

After Your Visit or Procedure

At the end of your visit you will receive an After Visit Summary which will include your physician's instructions and appropriate education materials or suggestions. You will be asked to sign up for MyChart so that we will be able to communicate via our secured website, back and forth, as needed, MyChart also allows you to schedule appointments, check your current and past lab results, and ask other medical questions. Our office communicates lab and x-ray results promptly either by phone, letter, or MyChart.

MyChart also allows you to schedule appointments, check your current and past lab results and ask other medical questions. View the MyChart Tip Sheet to see how to request prescription refills.

To ensure appropriate, quality care, our physicians will use your appointment to manage any prescriptions. Our goal is to provide you with the appropriate number of refills until your next appointment rather than over the phone. We will not refill any medications unless an appointment is made. Our office will contact you with test results as soon as possible. If your results are normal, a letter or card will be sent to your home with the results and any follow-up suggestion. If your doctor suggests additional testing or has any concerns with the results, someone from our office will call you. We do not receive most test results for two to seven business days. Please allow a minimum of 10 days for us to contact you. If you have not heard from us within 10 days, please call the office.

Emergency or After Hours Contact

If you need to contact the physician for an emergency after normal office hours, please call (937) 949-4464(937) 949-4464. The answering service will forward all messages to your physician or the physician on call. Your call will be returned within 15 minutes. If you do not receive a call within 15 minutes, please call and have the physician contacted again because there could be technical problems. We ask that you call during regular office hours for routine matters, including prescription refills.

If you believe a life-threatening emergency has occurred, call 911.

Calling Premier Family Care of Mason when the office is closed.

Billing and Insurance

You’ll find a list of the major insurance plans accepted by most Premier Physician Network offices here. Premier Family Care of Mason accepts most of these insurance.

Charges for the office visit are due in full at the time of service. You will be asked to reschedule your appointment without a copy of your current insurance card. Any past due balances and or co-payments or deductibles are due at the time of service. We accept payment by cash, check or MasterCard/Visa/Discover. If you are unable to comply with this policy, please notify the receptionist when your appointment is made. Our receptionist will direct you to our accounts receivables representative to discuss payment arrangements.

Premier Physician Network’s customer service team is happy to answer any questions about billing and insurance you may have. Find detailed billing and insurance information in the Premier Physician Network billing section.