Sports Medicine classes receive introduction to the athletic training room by Drs. Dale and Aaron Block - October 8, 2013

The Mason High School sports medicine classes, along with their teacher, Mr. Mark Sullivan, had the opportunity to visit the main Mason High School athletic training room. Drs. Dale and Aaron Block introduced the students to concepts of primary care sports medicine. They received an orientation to the physical layout of the training room, and an introduction to the modalities used in rehabilitating injured athletes. The students also had the opportunity to ask questions regarding opportunities in the healthcare professions. 

Barrington of West Chester Event - September 18, 2013

Dr. Block spoke to residents on preparing for their doctor appointments and making the most of the visit. He discussed the importance of bringing medication bottles to each visit, writing down questions ahead of time to discuss and not to feel shy about asking questions.  Afterall,  that is why patients visit their physicians, to better understand their healthcare needs and concerns. He also talked about taking someone with them. Sometimes another person may hear things that the patient didn't hear or understand.