Stop Shouldering the Pain

Orthopedic Specialists Offer Relief

When your shoulder hurts and starts to limit your activity, it’s time for a personalized care plan that can provide relief and get you moving again. Skilled shoulder specialists at Premier Orthopedics are here to ease your pain with options. We assess, diagnose, and treat shoulder problems and pain caused by:

  • Arthritis
  • Fracture or injury to muscles, ligaments, or joints
  • Labral tears
  • Rotator cuff tears

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Premier Orthopedics - one of the largest and highly trained orthopedic and sports medicine groups in Southwest Ohio - includes board-certified and fellowship-trained specialists in complex musculoskeletal challenges. We look forward to being your partner in living an active life.

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Non-Surgical Pain Management

Your personalized treatment plan usually starts with non-surgical approaches, including injections, exercises, and referral to physical therapy. Our goal is to help the body heal damage and relieve pain from injury, overuse, or disease.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

When surgery is your best option, our board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeons offer procedures that can get you back to your life and your activities sooner. Many procedures are minimally invasive with smaller incisions that could mean less blood loss, reduced pain, faster recovery, and less scarring.

Total Joint Replacement

When your shoulder pain keeps you from living the life you want — and conservative treatment has taken you as far as it can — the Premier Orthopedics joint replacement team offers full or partial shoulder replacements to ensure you receive the care that’s best for you. We’re here to help you get back to living your best life.